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Meet Erin


Erin Yuen

My favorite pastime is going on off road adventures with my hubby and our truck, Rusty

I’m the household handyman

I taught myself how to drive a stick shift at 30 & never looked back

I always wear a bright POP of color [even if you can’t see it]

I’ve hugged a PANDA!

I learned my love of photography from my dad and grandfather

I am a So Cal girl born and raised

I love finding the perfect gift for a girlfriend & surprising her out of the blue

I like to consider myself a scotch connoisseur

I’ve struggled with self worth and body image most of my life

I enjoy taking self portraits in locations that speak to my soul

I walked down the aisle to Louis Armstrong’s, What a Wonderful World

I would love to photograph women in every national & state park in the county

Everything can be answered with a Star Wars quote

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