Why I Cried While Visiting Barcelona

During a recent visit to Barcelona, I found myself surrounded by the architecture and genius of Antoni Gaudi. I remember studying him during Art History, writing papers about his forward thinking designs, and discussing him at length with colleagues. What I didn’t expect was how his art would make me feel. As I walked through the Gothic entrance to The Sagrada Familia I stopped to admire the detail in his design, metal worked doors, and overall genius, not knowing what I would encounter next. Upon entering I began to cry. Cried because in all my travels I have never stood in a structure that rivals the beauty I’ve seen in nature. The white interior glows from the myriad of colorful stained-glass windows. It’s as though you are walking through a rainbow, each and every turn revealing itself in color. I began to think about the women I have photographed and will get to photograph. How each woman glows with strength and beauty. How each woman has a story to tell and reveals herself a little more in each portrait. When I think about the experiences that have led me to who I am today, I can’t help but feel like we are all like The Sagrada Familia, strong and beautiful with a presence that overwhelms if you stop to appreciate everything you are.


Wishing you an inspired day. I hope you take a moment to feel your strength, admire your beauty, and stand in awe of who you are.

♥ xoxo



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