Where the Road Goes


Stardate 04192018

Have you ever seen a road and wondered where it goes? Heading off in an unknown direction whether on the road or in life can feel scary and a little daunting, however it can also lead you to the most wonderful places. You don’t know exactly where you’re going. You’re forced out of your comfort zone, using gut instinct and embracing what lies ahead; but that is the best part. It’s in these moments you realize how capable you are and your strengths are revealed.  In my experience it’s having the courage to embrace the unknown that leads you on the most exciting journeys.

Every winter my husband and I take a two week road trip. We pick a direction and drive with no particular destination in mind. If we see a road that looks interesting we take it. Yes it takes courage to travel like this, but it also leads us to places like this.

We arrived at the end of this dirt road close to sunset. Normally I would set up my tripod and look for the the most beautiful landscape composition I could find. But this time I decided to go with my gut and try to create an idea that had been swirling around in my mind.

Despite the cold temperature, I threw on a red sundress and headed out onto the salt flat. I wasn’t sure how it would feel to exist in photos this way, I’d never done anything like this. To my delight I felt empowered, courageous, and beautiful.

These photos have become a reminder of what can happen when you take the unknown path and follow your instincts. I’ve printed my favorite and have it hanging next to my work station. It reminds me everyday to have courage, embrace the unknown, and trust the journey will lead somewhere beautiful.

♥ Erin

P.S. My husband was wonderful in helping me capture these photos. I was not able to use a tripod and remote setup and without his assistance these photos wouldn’t have happened.


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