My Story

I have always loved creating and building things. My childhood was full of art classes, music, craft projects, and following my dad around has his little handy helper. I continued this love affair into young adulthood pursuing a Fine Art degree in ceramics and metals, what can I say I love tools! I could go on and on about my knowledge and expertise but that’s not why you’re reading this.

You want to know, why photography, why portraits, why create? Because I can’t not create. I tried to walk away after college, I got a corporate job, climbed the ladder as fast as I could, and I was miserable at the end of 8 years. The worst part was my love and desire for creativity and myself took a beating. So I picked up a camera and it all flooded back. I started to see the world in photographs. I started to remember what it felt like to be alive, to feel something, to fall in love with the creative process again.

But there was still something missing--love for myself. So 3 years ago I started a self-portrait project to help me rediscover my confidence and fall in love with myself again. I hypothesized if I could photograph myself in a beautiful way in the places I feel most alive, I could begin to heal. Was it scary, yes. Did I feel silly at times, yes. Was it worth it, absolutely!

It was this project that made me fall in love with portrait photography because I saw the power of existing in photos.

And I realized if I needed this, then so did others. Everyone needs and deserves to exist in a beautiful photograph.

If you’re still reading then you feel connected to what I’m saying. You have a desire to exist in photographs in a way you never have before. You value experiences over things. You embrace personal growth even if it’s scary. And you want to work with a photographer who will get to know you, understand how you see yourself, and help you capture that photo you’ve always dreamed of.

My friends call me a “Jane of All Trades” because there's nothing I can’t figure out or build. Which means if you can think it, we can create it together. I’ve traveled and photographed the world and believe we are the sum of our experiences. I have grown into the person I am today because of my travels and continue my search for new places and people to photograph. I want to create a portrait for you so empowering your heart soars with joy and self love everytime you look at it.

All my passion, all my expertise, all my travels, and all my love is perfectly matched for you, to help you create that portrait you deserve.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. I look forward to working with you soon and getting know what makes you, you.

♥ Erin